Michael McCombie

Chief Executive Officer

Michael McCombie, is a former Entertainment Executive/Marketing Director who’s worked with Award Winning Musicians in North America for over 15 years. He is an experienced entrepreneur with proven expertise in large-scale projects. Michael joins us with a vast knowledge and background in the Marijuana industry along with the vision to position WCE as the #1 Extraction company in the world.

Donal Carroll

Chief Financial Officer

Donal Carroll has been Chief Financial Officer of Newgioco Group, Inc. since June 06, 2017. Mr. Carroll is a Business Executive who is currently Chief Financial Officer of World Class Extractions Inc. He has 20 years of corporate finance leadership and public company experience, as well as deep expertise in syndicate investing both in equity and debt securities. With a balance of prudent financing practices and unique insights, Mr. Carroll has successfully guided companies for expansion and growth.

Dr. Mark Cullen

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Cullen is a retired physician and medical director with a BA in chemistry, Post Doctoral Fellow (Yale University). He has done collaborative work with the World Health Organization, Center of Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Health.  Dr. Cullen has led organizations both public and private and has experience with early stage companies in the medical and petroleum industries.

Anthony Durkacz


For investment inquires contact :

Anthony Durkacz
Vice President
First Republic Capital
(416)720-4300 World-Class Extractions patent pending technologies allows us to provide our clients with large scale, continuous flow, mobile extraction systems.