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What Are Extracts?

What are extracts?

It is public knowledge that the cannabis and hemp plants can be used in wellness products and medicine, but what are the active ingredients? Extracts are the filtered essence of the plants raw juices, with the plant fibres removed. What remains is a high quality oil that can then be lab tested and sold for use in mass production of medical and consumer goods including medicines, beauty products, edibles and more.

How are extracts made?

There are several different extraction methods of creating oils from plant matter. World-Class Extractions uses a new patent-pending technology that allows our customers to create oil extracts on a large scale with high quality results. We have developed two types of machines for onsite and mobile use, and our technology allows for a higher yeild of oil compared to traditional methods.

Who uses the World-Class Extractions technology?

Licensed Hemp Farmers

Hemp farmers can use the World-Class Extractions systems on-site, creating high quality crude at their facility without the need for shipping raw plant material. This saves time, money, and waste material can then be deposited directly back into farming for animal bedding, mulch/compost material, insulation and more.

Licensed Cannabis Producers

Licensed Cannabis Producers need high quality extraction systems to process plant material into oil fast and efficiently. Our systems can be installed onsite for batch processing of raw plant material and our mobile continuous flow system can be transported to different greenhouse locations – saving the producer shipping costs and purchase of several extraction machines to run multiple facilities.

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What products can be made with extracted oils?


New medicines are being tested every day for pain relief, epilepsy, sleep apnea and more


Beauty products use extracted oils in skin creams/balms, replacing traditional oil sources that can be environmentally destructive (such as palm oil)


Cannabis and hemp derived oils are used in edibles, and it is the preferred ingredient over cannabis flowers, because THC/CBD amounts are lab measured, allowing for a consistent end user product.


Drink companies are using new techniques to mix cannabis and hemp into recreational drink products, for wellness and recreational purposes.


Extracted oils are mixed into vape pens, a less harmful way to get the effects of CBD and THC without the tar and carbon from burning cannabis flower.

and more...

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