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The vision for The BOSS was clear: Innovation, Simplicity, and Quality.

We set out to change the game. Experience with medical cannabis as well as super and sub-critical CO2 extraction inspired our Lead Designer to create The BOSS CO2 Extraction System to alleviate the headaches extract producers have faced for years; including overly complex set-up and operation, inconsistent output, yield and more.

Soma Labs Scientific’s high efficiency BOSS CO2 Extraction System combines proprietary max flow technology with advanced thermodynamics, automated features and an exclusive plug and play design. The BOSS has a very small footprint, requiring only a fraction of the space and energy requirements compared to other systems on the market. Installation is simple! No external hardware or facility renovations required. All that is needed are two electrical outlets and an hour to set-up!


  • Plug and play – Set-up and train within hours
  • High-capacity 45L vessel – For large scale extract production
  • Simple set-up – Supports multiple voltages, and only a four hose hookup
  • Transports easily – Built on wheels and conveniently rolls through door ways
  • Scalable system – Add another 45L vessel to scale up production
  • Remote monitoring and control – From smart phone and tablet
  • No supervision required – Set-up and run
  • High-Performance/High-Resilience – Built for continuous production
  • Quick load and unload – Unique clam shell quick release lid design

Rosy – CEO: We Provide ‘Picks and Shovels’ for the Cannabis Industry

Interview with Justin Cooke



Known as one of the top scalable Solutions in the industry, The BOSS can extract 200+ lbs per day.


One stop-shop for all service, equipment and support you need in one place for maximum convenience and efficiency.


Automated features and exclusive Plug & Play design.


Premium fabrication and integrated safety features; ASME, CRN, CUL, CSA, UL, HAZOP certified.




Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a non-toxic, naturally occurring colourless and odourless gas at normal atmospheric temperatures and pressures. At elevated temperatures and pressures, CO2 reaches a “supercritical” state that causes it to behave like both a gas and a liquid. In a supercritical state, CO2 exhibits high diffusivity and is able to permeate plant material very effectively. Once in contact with the plant material, supercritical CO2 acts as a powerful solvent that is extremely effective at dissolving essential oils.

The supercritical CO2, acting like a liquid, is then able to hold the extracts in solution until the mixture undergoes a controlled phase change back to its gaseous state. Since the CO2 gas is no longer able to hold on to the extracted material it can then be collected as it drops out. CO2 is the perfect solvent and is unique because its power can be easily modified by adjusting temperature and pressure settings at key points during the extraction process.


  • 3.1L/min high flow CO2 – More efficient extraction
  • Advanced CO2 dispersal and pump system reduces CO2 requirement
  • Proprietary heat exchanger – Reduces power requirement and footprint
  • Dual bolt clam style closure with monitored torque wrench
  • Automated controls – Elimination of manual valves
  • Programmable cycles – Customizable parameters for select extraction
  • Virtually silent
  • Collect extract on the fly while the machine is running
  • Remote update – No expensive techs to send to site
  • Small footprint – Use your space to grow
  • Complete package – No expensive add-ons to get up and running

Quality Extract

CO2 is pure, readily available, environmentally safe and sustainable; it’s an ideal solvent that leaves zero residue or toxic by-products to deliver a clean, quality extract. CO2 has the added benefit of allowing for selective compound extraction while producing higher overall yields making it an more efficient and cost-effective extraction solution.


  • Military grade equipment – Confidence to use for years to come
  • Premium fabrication – Food grade stainless steel
  • Integrated Safety features – Four levels of safety settings
  • ASME certified for US pressure code requirements
  • CRN certified for Canadian pressure code requirements
  • CUL and CSA certified for Canadian electrical requirements
  • UL certified for US electrical requirement
  • Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) – A 3dP process to identify potential hazards and operability problems



The complete BOSS CO2 Extraction System is self contained and comes with the heat exchanger and connecting hoses. No installation required.

The BOSS CO2 Extraction System comes with:

  • 18 month warranty
  • Water pump for filling system
  • Two containers of Soma Solution
  • Clamp opening tool and security torque wrench
  • Vacuum for removal of spent material

Maintenance Kit

  • Two spare particle screens
  • Two pressure vessel sealing rings
  • Pump seal kit with two piston seal kits
  • Temperature probe
  • Sealing ring for extraction vessel





When it comes to cannabis extraction, supercritical CO2 effectively dissolves and preserves the delicate cannabinoids and volatile terpenes without introducing harmful chemicals and leaving unwanted residues. The BOSS CO2 Extraction System uses a low temperature, natural, non-toxic process to extract concentrates simply and efficiently.

Supercritical extraction uses higher temperatures and pressures, creating more powerful or stronger solvent action. Supercritical tends to produce a fuller extract with more waxes and plant materials. It offers a faster extraction time with higher yield.

Subcritical has a lower relative solvency, pulling lighter oils while leaving behind most plant matter and waxes. With a relatively cooler temperature range, it’s an ideal extraction method for preserving delicate terpenes and more volatile cannabinoids. These cycles take a little longer.



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